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July and August porn with hot wife & pornstar Natalie K

We´ve had a very busy few months filming every day and enjoying the sunshine, the heat has been too much to be real. 35 centigrade most days, the sun blazing, Natalie enjoys laying around in the sun, maybe the occasional bbq, but to put your mind to work´s kind of hard, apart from the filming. How can I not take photos and film of a sexy hot girl like Natalie K.
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Our first update, enjoy British hotwife Natalie K playing on her balcony, pissing and finger fucking with her bikini pulled aside.

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Meeting up with a few strangers brings us to our third favourite photo set this month. On the couch, both the huge cock friend & Natalie entertain with her sucking his cock and 69, with a creampie cowgirl finish.

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Playing naked on the couch, Natalie gives masturbation encouragement and jerk off instruction JOI in this POV scene, riding you until you cum your load!

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A fifth favourite of ours this month was set outdoors, with Natalie wearing bikini bottoms and using a dildo, sucking and fucking the toy with her bikini pulled aside. Natalie cums over the toy, as she pulls the dildo from her tight wet pussy, licking her juices from the lenth.

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Finally, our 6th favourite update this month of May, Natalie´s seen fucking a huge red dildo, riding the massive length cowgirl. Spreading & bouncing her ass up and down throughout the vid, taking the toy, spitting on the length, wanking it & sliding it up under her pussy while ramming down and riding it until she cums over the big 14inch dildo.

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Natalie K panty stuffs her ass

wearing a sexy short skirt, high heels, a blouse, she reveals her lingerie before bending over and stuffing her panties into her asshole!

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April´s latest from NatalieK

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First on our list of favourites was shot early in the month, an outdoor scene with a sex toy, fucking the dildo, with close up shots wearing nothing but a loose vest top, revealing her tits at different angles as she buried the dildo inside her tight twat…

Outdoor dildo fucking

Creampie fuck with big cock lover

Outdoor public flashing and panty stuffing

Huge red dildo fucking with panties stuffed

Dildo POV play with ass plugged with a butt plug

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Masturbating in white lingerie

Meeting a spanish stranger, he offers Natalie in his lovely old traditional Spanish casa, with a beautiful expensive solid teak side board. Dressed in high heels, British pornstar Natalie takes advantage, removing her clothes and masturbating, fingering her tight wet pussy wearing only her white lingerie, leans against and lays on top of the wood side board.

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lolly pops & masturbation

Outdoors, our horny hot wife NatalieK sits with her legs together sucking on a lolly pop. Wearing a sexy short plaid school skirt, as she sucks her lolly and opens her legs, no panties reveal her shaven haven. Trimmed brazilian hair crowns her beautiful big lips as she enjoys the sun and begins to pull across her vest top to caress and play with her gorgeous natural big boobs. Using the lolly, she teases her nipples and squeezing her tits, provocatively, welcomes you in this voyeur scene to watch in amazement. Parting her legs and teasing her pussy, Natalie toys with the lolly pop on her clit, spreading her pussy lips, sliding the lolly between her wet juicy pussy. Sucking on the lolly pop, tasting her juices, she masturbates and laying back, brings herself off on the lolly pop, rubbing her clit harder and sliding the lolly up and down her glistening lips.

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Adult porn movies for March

We´re but 2 weeks into March & already Natalie K´s shot so many hardcore scenes with different niche, there´s enough for everyone to enjoy and no matter your taste, you´ll wank yourself silly and spunk your tits over her latest porn vids.

Starting but a week ago, the sun shining here in Espana, so Natalie stripped off nude, removing her bikini she had been wiggling her ass in, ready to stuff her bikini strings into her tight wet pussy, fingering before taking them out and crouching on her balcony, pissing all over the tiles! Playing in her pee, Natalie smeared pee over her tits, splashing the pee over her pussy and licking the tiled floor. A real dirty vid for pee lovers or fetish fans!

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Another outdoor vid on the balcony, Natalie´s exercising in yoga pants, bending over with her big sexy ass, her nylons tight and see through revealing her Gstrings everytime she thrusts her ass towards the camera. Pulling her yoga pants down, she removes her panties and stuffs them into her warm sweaty and sticky pussy. She pulls her yoga pants back up to walk off before bending over, lowering her pants and pulling her G strings out from her smelly sweaty hot pussy.

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With it so warm and sunny, there´s plenty more outdoor vids you can see with a pass to Natalie´s site from over the last week or so, however, coming back indoors, a very horny scene of Natalie in her bedroom, baring all apart from wearing a pair of panties, laying on the bed masturbating, Natalie fingers her pussy over and under her panties before pulling them aside & taking hold of her huge red dildo, begins to fuck her tight wet pussy. Sliding the huge sex toy inside her, spreading her pussy wide, she cums over the dildo and pulls the toy out, gaping open, a great close up shot of her open vagina.

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Spying on Natalie in the bath´s always a horny occasion, especially when she knows you´re there watching & wanking over her! In this weeks POV scene, see Natalie bathing in bubbles, caressing her beautiful natural tits and spreading her big round sexy ass and shaven pussy, masturbating & washing just for you.

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Natalie´s latest video update this week is a creampie fuck session with her new friend, an older guy with a big cock! Natalie role plays a secretary in this cosplay scene. Her boss, taking her to her bedroom, strips off and both on the bed, she mentions how big his cock is while sucking and wanking him. The video has kissing, blowjobs, handjobs, fingering and of course, they both fuck each other, her on top in a cowgirl, while he also fucks her from on top, her legs spread open wide. As he fucks her, she moans quite a bit with the size of his cock penetrating her deep and hard.

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