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Over the years, as a porn lover and fan to Natalie K, you may have already read reviews on the internet, written by a few well known reviews sites such as RabbitsReviews, HonestPornReviews and x3guide.


However, recently Natalie´s been working with a company BadBehavior, a nice looking site with a friendly team of creative people. The company bestowed Natalie with some clothing, the swag to be worn on set, in film and photo shoots. Our first shoot with Natalie wearing the “bad swag” was an outdoor porn scene, flashing and masturbating in a local park wearing a white short “Bad Behavior” crop top, the next shoot to be shot over the coming months, Natalie will be seen wearing a sexy black tight vest top and “Bad” hat. You can see all of Natalie´s swag videos here.

The review by Bad Behavior was written before the shoot and at no point did the advertising swag have any effect on the review. The review was very creative and the team notice the look of Natalie´s site, the way it works and how simple the layout and how organized the site is. The huge amount of images and video scenes, the billing and no cross sales.
In general BadBehavior wrote a great review and clearly have a good understanding of what a review should include and how it should be presented, especially what a surfer needs to know about the site before they join. You can click here to promote Natalie K on BadBehavior for “babe of the day”.

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Another review site owner who recently reviewed and interviewed Natalie, owns the adult review site My Porn Buddy. A friendly and genuine guy, easy to work with. Fast and efficiently, interviewed and reviewed Natalie´s official site. Checking out some of the vids and pics, although mainly focusing on the selfies and selfshot content, the daily updates Natalie shoots to send to her subscribers and post in their private DM´s. The interview wasn´t focused on the huge array of hardcore amateur reality porn movies, the gangbangs and outdoor flashing scenes. MPB didn´t mention the quality and effort, the time taken to set up the bigger movies for Natalie to play her part in cosplay and erotic reality footage.

However, the interview did focus and give full attention to Natalie´s desire to interact personally with her fans. The review reads how Natalie presents herself and the natural she is behind the camera, her selfshot pics and clips are down to earth and real life. MyPornBuddy focused on her solo content and her attractive and creative side as a sex loving model. Focusing the review on how Natalie enjoys playing on camera, shooting lots of POV selfies outside on her balcony, the selfshot content gives personal and private interaction to please and tease her fans. My Porn Buddy did a great job noticing this and putting this across in the interview and review.

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