Natalie K porn Updates and the CoronaVirus pandemic

Hey you, Natalie & I are wishing you well and hoping you´re keeping yourself safe at home, with the constant war against our race, the CoronaVirus, we´ve been neglecting our blog, lucky for our fans, not our websites! Filming daily, giving you with paid access, daily wank material and private messages sent to your inbox with morning video messages from Natalie masturbating and fore filling her daily needs!

Like, come on world, while we know these are dangerous times, let´s listen to the government warnings, stay in on lock down and enjoy relieving your sexual needs with Natalie, enjoy your morning wood for a wake up wank and enjoy a good night´s sleep with a evening chat in private DM and wank yourself silly over todays video update!

Remember to keep your hands and face clean, always wash before and after wanking and let´s not get down over this pandemic, let´s enjoy wanking off together and let´s get through to the other side when figures add up and there´s no more deaths or virus to receive.

feet fetish and fingering with Natalie K xxx

You can check out Natalie´s latest video updates on her tour & enjoy wanking over her photo sets. However, while we, us earthlings are all on worldwide lockdown, Natalie´s giving a 10% discount on her special low cost 3 month membership, so you can grab your 3 months pass for only $44.99, that´s just $15 a month, about 3 quid a week! Not bad, especially when Natalie doesn´t want to just chat with you, but also film custom vids for you from her bedroom while we´re all locked down in our homes!

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Teen stars in Natalie´s 2nd episode of Cumming home

Filming Natalie K´s second episode of our new series “Cumming Home”, a Bulgarian teen guy agreed to give Natalie a lift home, after he was offered a blowjob and a fuck…

While out, the wind become a huge problem, sadly with technical problems, the sound quality was compromised, this, not to happen again, especially when we usually carry lots of professional equipment, however, this series, we´re trying to keep it totally gonzo and real to reality porn possible.

After asking several people, all saying no, meeting the Bulgarian lad, sitting in his car, relaxing and waiting for friends, was a perfect end, or beginning to our episode. Taking down his trousers, Natalie kneeling before him, sucking his cock before he leans her back, licks her pussy and bending her over the rear of his car, fucks her tight wet hole. He sits her on his front seat to finger and lick her pussy, tasting her cum before she sucks him until he unloads over her face!

Check out the photos below…

Click here to check out the video preview & other previews from our first series of amateur production “Cumming Home”.


Valentines day with Natalie K 2020

Don´t be alone this years Valentines day, sending gifts to someone who won´t want to give you a special present in return, It´s not a time to be giving, Valentine´s for sharing.

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Natalies first scene of new series

Cumming Home

So finally we´ve filmed our first episode to the new series Cumming Home. A reality roleplay series of a couple travelling with no money and cards, trying to get home, the horny young slut has the idea she can fuck her way home! The series is based on a reality setting, where all stars are really strangers, with Natalie asking guys and girls, groups of guys, in cars, taxis, lorries and vans. Who ever´s around at the time, Natalie asks and some say no, but thankfully for the pair of horny buggers, some say yes & Natalie makes her way home after watching her suck and fuck cock to pay for her lift home!

Check out the “Cumming home” video preview to the series, enjoy…


You can check out the first episode to the first series updating this evening. See Natalie ask a Spanish stranger if he would give her a lift to her home in return for a feel of her tits and a blowjob. Walking over to his car, parked in a public car park area of a through road in a quietish area of Spain, window open, she leans over and flashing her cleavage, asks if he would give her and her fella a lift home for a blowjob. He accepts and she jumps in the front of the car, you´ll wank over the cum shot he ejaculates into her mouth and when she´s laid back having her pussy licked and cums into his mouth. Orgasms all round, both satisfied, a worthy lift home.


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Morning coffee with Natalie K

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With the tragic devastation to Australia & the communities living there, You can help by donating charity money direct to the #FCaid Australia funding!

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As thanks to your generosity, any donations over $10, i´m sending (as with all fancentro models wishing to be part of the donations), a special nude to you & thank you for all your help towards our part in the charity work.

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Wishing the best to all our friends & neighbours in Australia!

Natalie K wishes a Happy New Year

On behalf of British MILF hotwife & pornstar, Natalie K, we wish you, our affiliates, our fans, all the porn lovers, a very Happy New year and wishing the best for 2020…

Natalie K wishes you a happy new year

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Happy New year 2020!

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