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As an affiliate, you require an honest program with regular updates, high quality content & guaranteed business. Here at GspotProductions, filming every week, we update our website daily, with exclusive full HD 1080p footage, filmed on high quality cameras with bright lighting, our videos are 100% high quality porn . Our goal, to continue our business for years is beneficial to you as an affiliate, with your traffic’s potential to make money, with high retention.

Natalie K’s a natural, athletic, English MILF, 5’5, brown eyes, long hair, natural tits, big ass & lives in Spain, where the Spanish sun shines 345 days of the year & the beautiful countryside, canals, beaches & amazing streets are common locations for Natalie to shoot her scenes. Baring her naked body, wearing next to nothing in video, with outdoor nudity & public flashing, pissing, your voyeur, upskirt or downblouse traffic will convert well with

Filming exclusive unseen content edited in 1080p HD, the potential to convert your traffic is rewarding & with various niche including voyeur, outdoor nudity & public flashing, masturbation, fingering & anal play, upskirt, downblouse & erotica with orgasms & pussy control, the close up footage makes for great viewing. Natalie is also shooting masturbation encouragement & instruction, with reality scenarios filmed in special locations.

Filming video since 2006, Natalie starred in Gangbang & Bukkake scenes filmed at her porn parties in Britain, the new content continues to include creampie, cumshot & facial POV reality scenes. In 2008 Natalie starred in outdoor dogging scenes, erotica & parody, now shooting the similar footage with higher quality of product. In 2009 Natalie’s first DVD, bestseller in local Harmony stores during the release week gave a rise to the household name ‘NatalieK’. Since the first release, Natalie now has another 4 DVD´s released.

GspotProduction’s continued filming for many years, improving quality, ensuring you conversions from your traffic with high retention. NatalieKash affiliate program & website with ModelCentro, a reputable company, gives assured payout & a strong adult web based background. Signing up to NatalieKash is problem free, effortless & time efficient, with easy access to links & affiliate use content. We strive to make your work simple & worthwhile.

Sign up to NatalieKash within minutes & begin making money with conversions from your traffic using our images & FHGs provided for you on this site. Linking to gallery & video preview pages, is simple using your referral link code. Updating this site daily, with free content, the latest photo gallery & video previews makes updating your sites & blogs with Natalie’s latest video & photo sets easy. Let’s take a browse over Natalie’s site & sign up below.

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Being a webmaster requires a lot of updating of blogs, designing the right style of site, most of all, keeping your text, banners or images & descriptions clear, so your traffic will see the links & arrive to the place your sending the traffic. 

As an affiliate you want to stay updated, filming most days, you´ll have plenty of new content & at a high quality of content. We also give you 24/7 communication for you to email, skype, or whatsapp.

We’re going to keep you updated with our latest FHGs using high res photos & screen capture sets. Up to date with the latest previews pages, clips & pics, you can convert your traffic at a high ratio, providing your surfers a reason to join, with your dedication to pleasing and giving pleasure!

When linking to Natalie K´s official site, pages, vids, photo sets , using the said URLs in our blog, please always remember to exchange our referral code and apply your own affiliate referral code.

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Keeping it real, no matter how many fans, Natalie always gives her time, spending hours interacting and filming clips for your traffic, her fans to enjoy their time. So don´t waste time wondering whether to advertise a horny British MILF. Sign up and update your social feeds, instagram, twitter and snap, add links to your blogs and websites, use banners, images or text to drive our traffic to a high sales ratio paysite, and turn your traffic into your income. Natalie´s official site sells, it´s the traffic than you need to send to gain the sales! In business? then sign up now...

We welcome you to contact us anytime with suggestions or requirements. Natalie K & Gary B run in partnership Natalie´s affiliate program to her official porn site Natalie K, this powered by ModelCentro. NatalieKash is a dedicated porn program, run by a reality online & personal partnership, offering personal communication anytime you need us, for you as an affiliate.

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Webmasters & affiliates signed up to NatalieKash are welcomed to use any of the images, fhg, link to urls and banners, also bonus images found on pages NatalieK xxx archived…

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No matter what you need, Natalie K is ready and waiting to provide you with material, content, advice and help, for you to gain and income, subscription joins, surfers to members from your site traffic, whether blog, porn site, tube or social media, sign up to NatalieK´s cash program and email us now and allow us to help you.

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