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Well, you know our Natalie, always got her tits out, and the natural beauties look great as she gropes her own, squeezing her nipples & pushing them together with her natural cleavage, it´s a sight for all eyes! In this set of photos, Natalie bends over and spreads her massive ass cheeks after fingering her tight little puffy pussy. Sliding a finger inside her big lips and spreading them wide. Rubbing on her bright pink clit, she brings herself off wanting you to wank your load over her!


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You´re going to love this, wank your cock over the latest in our shoots for MILF hotwife, hot pornstar NatalieK. Now filming most days, you can now join Natalie´s official website NatalieK.xxx & catch up on the latest episode of her new porn parody “Porn Vision Possible”, starring Natalie K as “Agent K”. Our first series, Heist of the stolen Dildos, Natalie´s on her mission to find who stole the consignment. On her first day, she´s held by people, now seeming to be locating the same shipment. At first, Natalie´s tied up, bound, fucked with a dildo & face fucked, in search of the dildos, as it´s a well known fact, Natalie had been using so many dildos in her porn vids over the past year. Now though, she proved herself today, kneeling in a bath, coated in pee, her now partner pissed all over her before fucking her doggy, licking her pussy & ass & fucking spunk all over her big round ass cheeks.



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Fans of British pornstar NatalieK this week, won´t be disappointed when they login to see such a fantastic sight, a beautiful woman laid on her bed wearing a see through short black dress, touching herself, playing with her pussy & caressing her tits. She wants to play with a toy, searching, she doesn´t want to use her dildos, so picking out her love eggs, lays back, masturbates & slides the eggs inside. Fingering & masturbating her clit, Natalie brings herself off to a lovely cum, tasting her juices, she bends over onto all fours, pulling out the eggs, her pussy gaping, you can see a close up view of her tight wet hole.

Natalie continues to finger her pussy and taste her pussy juices, sucking on her finger fucked fingers.

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This week Natalie´s been shooting some erotic scenes from her bedroom, some alone with toys, others with POV and as with this scene, a cum on ass cumshot finally.

Playing on the bed, wearing a tiny tight body, Natalie caresses her tits and fingers her pussy before bending over to finger her ass and pussy, tasting her juices. In the film scene, Natalie takes a cum over her ass with POV anal fingering and her pussy finger fucked with wanking over her ass until she takes a cum, and continues playing with the cum on her ass between her fingers.

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Taking a lunch break, walking through the public woods, British sexy hotwife Natalie K looks over to you POV, smiling flashing her nylons, you ask her if she wants to sit by you. Spreading her legs, you see her panties and pussy through her see through nylon tights upskirt. Flashing her panties, she removes her top and stands to finger her ass and pussy with her panties and tights pulled down. Finger fucking, she brings herself off and tastes her sticky wet fingers. After her cum, she thanks you for watching, pulling her panties up and walking off smiling.

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In the bedroom this week, British pornstar NatalieK plays with her new vibrator, after removing her boots, giving you a little jerk off instruction, stripping off her bra and playing with her tits and pussy over her panties. She stands up to remove her panties, spreading her ass before laying back on her bed to finger fuck her pussy, turn on her vibrator and fuck her tight wet hole. Licking and sucking the sextoy, she cleans her cum and enjoys you spunking your load over her.

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xxx pornstar NatalieK always looks great in all lingerie, as wearing her all in one crotchless stocking, her pussy ready and waiting, you could spunk over or in her all day and night. Laid open on her couch, her legs spread wide with her big pussy lips ready and waiting as she fingers inside and caresses her big lips, she takes hold of her big red dildo and fucks it inside her wet juicy pussy.

Pounding her cunt, she brings herself off over the dildo and sucks all the juices from the sextoy as she spreads her lips and fingers inside, feeling her hot fucked pussy.

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Watching British hotwife Natalie K exercising outside in converse trainers and yoga pants is enough to make any one spunk a load. But to enjoy her turn around & notice you, asking you to wank over her in this POV vid as she bends over and pushes her big ass out as she watches you wank is enough to make you cum.

Pulling down her yoga pants revealing her big round butt and masturbating over her panties, in the video she asks you to cum over and wank into her panties as she pulls them down around her thighs, fingering her pussy and ass ready for you and for her to pull them up and smear your spunk into her crotch.

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Since living in Spain, Natalie´s not enjoyed as much dogging as use to in the UK, but when she gets out there, nothing´s changed! Natalie still loves meeting strangers, sucking cock and taking a mouth full of spunk, flashing her tits and ass, pissing and playing with guys wanking off over her.

Driving around in the back of a truck, Natalie strips off and masturbates in the back where the passers by could catch a glimpse of her delicious ass and pussy, fingering both before we pulled over and stopped in a public park where Natalie relieved herself, pissing with her boots on and yoga pants pulled down around her ankles. After pissing, she took the guys cock, sucking his balls, he face fucked her, gagging on his dick he shot his load in her mouth.

Now Natalie´s back into the dogging, this summer should be full of cock sucking and creampie fucking with strangers!

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